Trip Organization

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How will the trip be organized and who will be involved in coordinating it?

As things stand, a delegation of compañer@s from the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN), the Congreso Nacional Indígena (CNI) and the Frente de Pueblos en Defensa del Agua y la Tierra de Morelos, Tlaxcala y Puebla (FPDTA-MPT) will visit the Europe from below and to the left from July to October 2021. The Zapatistas are expected to send 120 people, including about 100 women. The entire delegation is likely to include 160 people, who will also be divided among different locations during the course of the trip.

Exactly when, for how long, and with how many compañer@s they will visit Germany has not yet been determined. On May 3rd the Zapatista vanguard will set sail. In the course of June they are going to land in Vigo, Galicia and, together with the European partners, define the agenda of their journey. The delegation plans to „celebrate“ August 13, 500th anniversary of the Conquista, in Madrid.

The Ya Basta network is linked through the Europe Zapatista Network with organizations, collectives, groups, etc. in other European countries to coordinate the trip together. As a network we mainly take over this function of a point of contact to the international level as well as to the networking within Germany. In addition, we take over technical-organizational tasks.

Much more people and groups outside than inside the Ya-Basta network will be involved in the organization. Together we are the Network of Rebellion (#NetzDerRebellion). Within Germany we organize the planning of the trip as follows:

First, there are cross-regional working groups (WGs). The thematic working groups so far include: Feminist Struggle & FLINTA*-Organizing (women/Frauen, Lesbians, Inter, Non-binary, Trans, and Agender people, as well as ***people who do not fit into any of the aforementioned categories), Climate & Environment, Neoliberalism & Anti-Capitalism, Antiracism & Anti-Fascism, Migrant Self-Organizing, War & Peace, Mental Self-Defense & Health, and Agriculture & Food Sovereignty. In these groups, work is done on the different struggles and delegates from the different movements consider together how exchange and joint actions with the delegation can look like. In addition, there are technical-organizational working groups, called structural groups (SGs), which work, among other things, on financing, translation during the trip and transportation.

On the other hand, we organize ourselves by means of local networking: In some places there is a local/regional networking with groups from below and to the left, with a very broad spectrum of topics. Here we think about what should be organized locally. Interested people can be referred to the working groups if they prefer. These places are also potentially the stations of the delegation within Germany. The list of places with (beginning) local networking can be found below.

The regional networking groups and the thematic working groups as well as the structural groups meet in a common coordination circle, where they send delegates. We are guided by the Zapatista principles, according to which, among other things, decisions are made as much as possible at the grassroots and by consensus.

Both the WGs and the local networks can still be expanded and the existing groups are open to interested people. If you want to organize a visit of the Zapatista delegation in your area or if you are missing an important topic on which you would like to exchange, network and maybe even plan a joint action with the delegation, write us at ya-basta-kontakt[at] However, we can’t guarantee that all wishes can be taken into account when planning the trip – the last word goes to the compañer@s whose visit we are preparing.

Already active WGs and their respective contacts:

1. Thematic working groups (struggles).

2. Structure groups (organization & infrastructure)

3. Networking groups (local & regional)